Easter 2021 Theme

SJTW does preaching series where the parish spends a few weeks doing a deep dive into a certain topic and the sermons all follow a theme chosen by a team. The theme for Easter 2021 is “Renewed Life.” I designed this image and logo for the series. This image will be shared online and on the screens in the church and serves as the identity for the theme to help parishioners connect the messages together. I also wrote the below paragraph to introduce the theme to parishioners and visitors.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Plants start growing, songbirds start singing, and the air seems abuzz with new life.

Easter marks a new beginning as well. When He rose from the dead, Jesus gave us the promise of new life with God.

We are approaching another new beginning now. As more people get vaccinated, a new post- pandemic life is getting closer.

What will we do with this new life? How will we be different than we were before?

Join us this Easter as we celebrate new beginnings and learn to embrace opportunities to live our lives renewed in Jesus!

We’d love to reconnect in person or, if you’re unable to gather with us in church, join us online for 8:30 a.m. Sunday Mass live on our YouTube channel.

Learn more at theworker.org

Introduction to Easter theme, “Renewed Life”

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